From the earth, back to the earth

Northwest Organics designed, developed, owns and operates the most advanced, environmentally sound organics composting facility in North America.

Sited deep within the 700 acre McRae Ranch, more than a mile away from its nearest neighbor, the Northwest Organics Soil Farm safely and effectively processes source-separated food scraps, garden trimmings and other clean organic material into healthy and beneficial Class A Compost.

We then responsibly apply that compost to the Ranch's sizeable arable land base, enhancing the growth of organic crops to be returned and consumed in the region from whence the feedstock originated. This sustainable cycle can be repeated indefinitely, over and over again: "From the Earth, Back to the Earth™".

Integrating composting with organic farming makes optimum use of a significant natural resource that was historically discarded: flushed down garburetors, buried in landfills or incinerated. On top of that, our organic farming techniques are dramatically better than conventional farming, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diminishing transportation impacts and eliminating the historical use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Today, on average, between 40% and 50% of our waste stream consists of clean organic material that can be easily separated and diverted to this amazing process. You may find that you generate even more! Our trained professionals will help you assess your needs and then work with you to design and implement a clean, efficient and cost effective system to responsibly separate and collect your organics. You'll probably even save money in the process.

Please join us on this journey and make a significant contribution to our environment!


Northwest Organics